Re: “U.S. and China at a crossroads” [March 27, Opinion]:

Yes, the U.S.-China relationship occupies a central role in the world today. However, as Xi Jinping is expected to be reelected general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party during its 20th Party Congress later this year, a distracted U.S. no doubt would be a desirable circumstance for China’s growing ambitions in the Indo-Pacific Region.

Plus, in China’s zero-sum calculation, pressing Russia to make concessions would bolster the position of the United States and Western democracies, and undermine China’s quest to absorb Taiwan. Actually, after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, China has continued military aircraft deployments, with 78 warplanes crossing the Taiwan air defense identification zone (ADIZ), 77% more than the same period in 2021.

Taiwan, which also faces coercion and threats from an authoritarian power, is inspired by Ukraine’s fight against Russia. Taiwan’s military is studying how Ukrainian forces are leveraging their home battlefield advantage and experience in warfare, so that Taiwan can incorporate these lessons into its plans for asymmetric warfare with China.

Taiwan will not bow down to pressure from China and will continue to bolster the island’s defenses in order to protect its democratic way of life.

Daniel Kuo-ching Chen, Director General, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Seattle