When it becomes acceptable for a U.S. president to directly interfere in legal cases, where does that slippery slope end with regards to the rule of law? What happens when prosecutors stop taking on cases because they believe the defendant will just directly appeal to the president to decide the case? What happens when a police officer stops enforcing laws because the president has determined that law is “unfair.” What happens to our society when the rule of law is eroded?

We are fortunate to have a government (while far from perfect), that functions in large part because there is a belief and trust that laws will be observed, enforced and upheld and that there is a separation of power in our branches of government. Foreign companies and governments invest in the U.S. because corruption is not considered acceptable in our business contracts and legal activities.

However, the trust in this system is indeed fragile. The recent actions of this president could easily lead us into more dangerous territory, putting our entire system at risk. We must be vigilant. We cannot and must not take our rule of law for granted.

Steve Balaski, Snoqualmie