Re: “Stop the assault on Tongass forest” [Aug. 29, Opinion]:

I’m glad the Times’ editorial on the Tongass forest identified the value of the 2001 Roadless Rule. While the pending proposal by the Trump administration to remove hard fought protections for ancient forests, wildlife habitat and clean water is currently focused on Alaska, make no mistake, the nearly 60 million acres of roadless areas on all national forests (including the nearly 2 million acres in Washington state) are in the crosshairs.

As CEO of Aslan Brewing Co. in Bellingham, my business would not exist without access to clean water. Our entire industry depends on consistent water, sourced from protected water sources. In many cases, the source of municipal water stems from headwaters in our national forests in roadless areas, the same ones Trump wants to open to logging and development. Whether you care about salmon, wildlife, forests, safe and clean drinking water, or just great tasting beer, let’s keep our roadless areas protected. Everywhere. Forever.

Jack Lamb, Bellingham