Re: “Young Seattleites are biking more amid COVID-19, and ‘battle for road supremacy’ continues” [May 14, Northwest]:

It was disappointing to read about the nonexistent “battle for road supremacy” between people riding bikes and driving cars. This article perpetuates a dangerous us-vs.-them mentality.

Like most people who bike, I also own and drive a car. When I am driving my truck, I am certainly not vying for supremacy. More importantly, when I’m biking or walking, I don’t want car drivers to see me as an enemy combatant. Please refrain from using words of war to describe America’s horrible lack of road safety.

I have commuted by bike for many years, most recently from Bellevue to Seattle. Inattentive drivers and a lack of safety infrastructure are the most dangerous part of my commute, not some perceived lack of rule-following on my part.

Too many people in our region are killed when walking or biking. Just look at recent months in Seattle, where both Michael Colmant and Robert Miesse were hit and killed by drivers. I encourage you to instead tell stories of substance about the real solutions that could lead to better safety for people driving, bicycling and walking.

Andrew Pardoe, Bellevue