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In the past year I’ve taken a Ride the Ducks tour twice. I truly love riding the Ducks [“Ride the Ducks ramp OK’d, ruffling feathers, Local News, Feb. 16].

From my personal experience the “party on wheels that floats” is welcomed by most residents and pedestrians as we passed by. Floating-home residents waved and did a little jig to welcome us to the lake. Although I would be lying if I did not admit that some ignored us as we boated by. Overall, it seems that the Ride the Ducks tour brings a smile to most faces.

Engine noise, amplified music and diesel fumes are what most residents are complaining about with the launch of the new Ride the Ducks location. I urge those who are upset with the new ramp to take a moment and remember the last fun touristy experience you had. They are rare and expensive.

Everyone must admit that Ride the Ducks is a truly great experience that brings more good than bad to our community.

Chloe DeWolf-Domingo, Seattle