Re: “Why we support Seattle’s ride-share tax for transit, housing” [Nov. 6, Opinion]:

I have been a part-time Lyft driver for nearly three years, and I want to add my voice to the many others who have had the wonderful opportunity to stay active, meet great people and earn a bit of extra money to help out at home.

At 66, I am readying myself for retirement and looking forward with great joy to being able to supplement my Social Security with the extra dollars I can earn driving. I am at a loss to understand the reasoning behind the Seattle initiative to place an extra tax on rides. Is there not enough money generated through regular sources to fulfill the needs of the city? It strikes me as an opportunity to glean extra money from those who are simply trying not to drive their cars in the city. Isn’t this the goal of all the light rail and buses we now enjoy? Why tax an industry that is self-regulated and fair to both the riders and drivers at every turn of the road?

I urge the City Council to not levy this tax on people who are trying hard to achieve the goals of transit in Seattle.

Kelly Finn, Seattle