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Regarding the Richland florist who declined to participate in a same-sex wedding on grounds of religious beliefs, I find it a very sad story [“Judge: Washington florist who refused gay wedding broke law,” Local News, Feb. 18]. Here’s a woman who’s had a good relationship with her customer, Robert Ingersoll, for years. She’s accepted him for who he is. Now he suddenly asks her to do something that would violate her relationship with God, creating a painful dilemma for her.

Finally, she sees no choice and regretfully tells Ingersoll she cannot serve him in this one thing. Here’s an opportunity for him, difficult as it may seem at the time, to respond by accepting her for who she is. But he’s not up to it. Instead she must be punished. Soon she finds herself under attack by the American Civil Liberties Union and even our state attorney general.

It is so sad. I ask myself, whatever happened to graciousness? Is tolerance only a one-way street?

Susan Redhed, Burien