Yards, gardens and old shade trees are disappearing in Ballard and being replaced by multifamily, three- to four-story-high buildings where once affordable single-family homes stood. Now we have density, noise and little to no parking.

Flowers, trees and gardens have no place in this new design. This development is fueled by greed with no concern for the well-being of our neighborhoods or our environment. I am not sure where the song birds will nest or the wild animals will feed. Our children will have less playing space and little contact with those living in the enclosed compounds.

I have lived in Ballard for 29 years, and have grown to love my neighborhood and my neighbors. I am sorry for this new growth and cannot understand how our environment, climate or wildlife will gain from this building boom.

Did the Seattle City Council realize the impact rezoning would have? I think not.

Laurie Belfor, Seattle