Re: “What will 2020 bring?” [Jan. 4, Northwest]:

Former Seattle Times economics columnist Jon Talton says (in regard to Seattle’s ballooning population), “It’s quality growth: Not just a bunch of retirees hoping to find God’s waiting room, but younger people that you hope will get involved in the communities and civic life of the city.”

Ouch! I came to this city in the mid-’60s, worked my entire life here and was active in various civic matters. I do not yet qualify (if ever I will) for God’s “waiting room.” I get where Talton is coming from — it’s the young people, baby! They are the working force.

I get that and it is as it should be. Talton also leaves out of his equation the ballooning population of homeless people in Seattle who might like to contribute but have no way of doing so while struggling every day of their lives in a city with leaders who seem to care little about them.

I don’t see those “hoping to find God’s waiting room” flocking here in droves. There are warmer, easier places to do that than Seattle. But to be vibrant, a city needs young, old and in-between. All have something to contribute.

Pamela Clerico, Edmonds