Re: “It won’t be easy to launch the airport of the future” [Nov. 18, Opinion]:
State Sen. Karen Keiser and Rep. Tom Dent’s pitch for an “Airport of the Future” didn’t consider a single impact for any of the three “greenfields” listed as possible airport sites by the Commercial Aviation Coordinating Commission (CACC).

None of the six senators who sponsored SB 5370 to form the CACC live in counties where the sites are located. Four of them, including Keiser, live in King County, which is the only county the final bill conveniently prohibited the CACC from exploring.

My neighborhood is near the center of the Thurston County site.
Our area is not rural. The Census Bureau estimated 26,216 people living in 10,195 housing units that are entirely within or intersected by the site’s boundary. My community alone has nearly 400 houses and about 1,000 residents.

An airport would obliterate fragile ecosystems and natural resources here, such as the McAllister Groundwater Sensitive Area, which supplies 85% of Olympia’s drinking water. If the so-called airport of the future is built, it will be a memorial to the people and nature it displaced and destroyed.

Paul Karolczyk, Olympia