Re: “City Council looking at new strategy on Seattle’s bike lanes”:

Seattle City Councilmember Mike O’Brien was smart enough to realize he was too unpopular to be reelected to the Seattle City Council, but he hasn’t stopped trying to foist his unpopular ideas on the people of Seattle.

I drive down 35th Avenue Northeast frequently. The traffic flow has considerably improved with the recent lane changes that left out bike lanes. Yes, it may not be safe for bikes. The solution is to prohibit bikes from being on 35th. There are plenty of lovely, lightly traveled side streets that are good alternatives.

Bikes do not belong on major arterial streets except where there are no alternatives, and then they deserve to have fully protected bike lanes. Bike lanes serve a very small percentage of Seattle residents, most are unused for substantial parts of the year and often for much of the day even in the best weather. We need to rethink the bike master plan.

John Russell, Seattle