Re: “Where have all the waiters gone? On the cusp of reopening, a labor shortage threatens Washington restaurants’ recovery” [June 6, Business]:

You all asked for the restaurant-staff shortage.

You asked for the staff shortage when restaurant owners blamed our new wages instead of overinflated Seattle restaurant space costs, while others said we didn’t deserve a living wage at all.

You asked for the staff shortages when you showed up to our places of business with entitlement, behaving as if you don’t know what the rules are, treating us like garbage for enforcing those rules.

You asked for the staff shortage when you took to social media and newspapers, trashing our profession as one “for kids.”

You ask for it when you behave as if those who choose the honorable profession of service, actually chose to be a (your) servant.

I was a career server and bartender for 14 years. I did go back to work recently, and was reintroduced to the gross treatment we get from owners and customers alike. So I quit — for good. I really was one of the best, but I’ll never serve you again. You asked for the staff shortage, you got it.

Jessica Hovater, Seattle