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I am writing to respond to the article in Friday’s Seattle Times about the new restaurant-ratings system being introduced by the King County Health Department [“Food-safety twist: New emojis grade restaurants on a curve,” Jan. 20, Page One]. As related in the article, restaurants in Seattle and King County will be graded “on the curve” depending on comparisons only with other establishments in the same ZIP code area.

I don’t know what other people think, but I think this is a horrible idea. When I am choosing a place to eat, I want to know how that establishment rates on the standards set by the Health Code. If a restaurant is in a neighborhood with other places that do a poor job of storing and preparing their food safely, that doesn’t mean they should get a better rating than they deserve.

This is especially important for visitors, who probably expect health ratings to be the same throughout a county or city.

Bill Hattersley, Renton