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Danny Westneat frets that Seattle Indivisible and other resistance activists are turning toward the crash-and-burn tactics of the far-right. But all we want is for Washington’s U.S. Sens. Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray to stand up to President Donald Trump’s bullying, prevent a humanitarian crisis and pass a popular piece of legislation — the DREAM Act.

In this year of national crisis, as the Trump administration targets immigrants and people of color with authoritarian consistency, we expect our senators to act with the urgency of the times and stand firm against the deportation of an entire generation of immigrant Americans. Our senators took a stand when they voted “no” budget without a DACA fix on Dec. 21 and again Jan. 19. We don’t understand what was different on Jan. 22.

When we express our disappointment in Sens. Murray and Cantwell’s vote to reopen the government without Dreamer protections, we aren’t “bludgeoning” our own, we are asking them to do better and use every tool available to the minority party to protect the Dreamers.

People frequently complain they don’t know what the Democratic Party really stands for — now is the time to show them.

Iga Kozlowska, president and co-founder, Seattle Indivisible