Evidently, having created a chaotic situation, bike and scooter companies are now trying to make their vehicles more durable. They should first create a business model that covers their full costs of doing business – and that does not interfere with the safe passage of non-riders.

It amazes me that their business model is taken seriously, because it allows them to avoid costs. Only when these companies can find a way to cover all their costs, should they be allowed to continue in business.

Further, every other vehicle is bound by driving and parking rules – where and when drivers can legally drive or park, and how much it costs to park.

Riders of rental bikes and scooters should have to ride in designated lanes and park in assigned spaces paid for by the companies that own them.

An already untenable situation will only worsen, until sensible rules are put in place. Lawsuits are underway, but why wait? Cities can institute new rules now.

Karen Pierce Goncalves, Bellevue