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Mayor Ed Murray has once again demonstrated an astonishing ability to alienate people who have traditionally been his most ardent supporters [“Get ready for a neighborhood rebellion,” Opinion, July 22]. His complaint that Seattle’s neighborhood district councils should be dumped because the most active members are white, older homeowners is a stake to the heart of those who have for years voted for his many initiatives for schools, parks, buses and housing.

When we older (I am 73), white (sorry, can’t help that), homeowners (since 1983 in Wedgwood and damn proud of that) have voted to tax our own property at ever increasing levels for the greater good, and we are then told that we are suddenly the reason for dumping one of the hallmarks of Seattle civic life, we are rightly furious and less inclined to support any more of the mayor’s proposed property levies.

Why should we? If we aren’t wanted, we can just say no.

Michael Shurgot, Seattle