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In the State of the Union address, President Donald Trump stated that his administration has “taken historic actions to protect religious liberty.”

What does religious liberty really mean? Does it mean the right of conservative Christians to discriminate against those whose lifestyles or gender they disapprove of, or deny birth control for religious reasons?

The Christian faith has been the subject of broad interpretations for centuries. My Christian faith tells me to love my neighbor, tend to the sick, feed the hungry, have mercy and make peace. My neighbors may have different skin colors, same-sex partners or an urgent need of birth control; need help with a troubled pregnancy; or be subjected to bullying by those claiming their Christian faith. When one’s Christian faith is canceled by another’s, what to do?

Our wise Founding Fathers’ first words in the First Amendment were, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof …,” therefore establishing the separation of church and state. One person’s faith should not have priority over another’s.

America has many faiths, many interpretations and a wide diversity of thought. It is a beautiful country of diversity and inclusion.

Nancy Horman, Seattle