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Regarding the article “Cost-sharing ministries offer Obamacare alternative” [Local News, May 3], it is nice to know that Christians are ready to pay the bills for health care.

I am a retired Catholic public health nurse and a strong supporter of the Affordable Care Act because health insurance is about caring for all of our neighbors. In a democracy, the government is by the people and for the people. I can think of no better way to express caring than to protect the health of everyone. This includes providing for the health needs of all women, which includes allowing them to consult their physicians about their choices to use contraception to protect their health.

I hope that all faith-based religious groups recognize that it was united efforts of many governments that halted the fatalities from Ebola, which could have decimated many populations. United together, supporting affordable care, we can become a much healthier nation.

Wendy Walsh, Woodinville