Re: “Uninvited to serve on Christian group’s board after coming out, Seattle man starts nonprofit for queer youth of faith” [July 5, Local News]:

I find myself both angry and embarrassed at the actions of the University Presbyterian Church. As a Presbyterian most of my adult life, I have been overjoyed that our denomination has chosen to accept, affirm, and welcome LGBTQ+ people into our congregational lives fully. To find that University Presbyterian Church is not doing this makes me heartsick.

I want to assure all LGBTQ+ people as well as their family and friends that not all Presbyterians see the Scripture as limiting and honestly believe that all are created and are equal in the eyes of God. My own church, Woodland Park Presbyterian Church of Seattle, is most open and welcoming, and I am immensely proud of this fact.

My prayer is that University Presbyterian Church will find the joy of welcoming LGBTQ+ people fully into their congregation. Such people have much to offer in their love of Christ and their joy in being part of the church. For those who are trying to change the culture at University Presbyterian Church, I offer my support and wish you Godspeed in bringing this needed change to your congregation.

June E. Howard, Edmonds