Thanks to Marcus Harrison Green’s column on “Students Deserve Better than Normal” [Sep. 2, Local]. It’s chilling to read “Seattle has been trying [discipline] initiatives since the early 70s that have not been successful.” Let’s hope Erin Romanuk can cocreate that “culture of care” with parents to reduce discipline issues caused too often by an “incurious” system.

We should all care about the education of Seattle’s children since they will soon be wage-earners and voters, and replacing us in time. I write the following as observations of a retired, white teacher who worked much of my career in low-income school districts.

Another way to reduce racial inequities in our schools is to ask school board candidates what they will do to reduce the inequities in district funding per building. Besides fighting for equitable state funding, the school board needs to publish annually funding per building.

We also need to bring the racial profile of building staff in line with the student body. One overlooked quality source of new educators of color is to look at the many paraeducators in classrooms. The district, the state and the feds need to fully fund the certification of paraeducators while still working at their jobs.

Chuck S. Richards, Seattle