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We asked readers, “How does the lack of diversity in Hollywood influence your own life? How should Hollywood fix its race problem?” Here are two selected responses:

Problem lies with audience

As an Asian American, I grew up not seeing anyone who looked like me in the media. Despite being interested in filmmaking, I was discouraged to go into that field because I was told there was little chance of success in it for me. That shouldn’t be the case for anyone of any color.

There is no simple solution to the lack of diversity in Hollywood. The root of the problem lies with the American audience. The majority of white people I’ve talked to say that they just can’t identify with shows or movies about and starring nonwhite people. Yet, they can identify with zombies, aliens, ghosts, vampires, trolls and monsters, which makes me wonder why it is that people of color have no such problems. We’ve all been watching shows about whites starring whites all our lives.

Perry Ma, Seattle

Money talks

I think this is much ado about very little.

Hollywood is a business. When it makes more money by increasing diversity, it will. So if this issue is important to you, then go only to movies with black stars. Good luck.

Jim Larson, Birch Bay