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Max Boot’s column highlighted the potential for the Democrat’s leftward swing to leave the country with two radical parties and alienate the independent and moderate voters needed to defeat President Donald Trump.

One reason the parties are becoming so polarized is that our voting system allows candidates to win with narrow but motivated support. The current system also encourages negative campaigning and limits us to two choices in most general elections. The Local Options Bill in the Washington state Legislature would permit use of ranked-choice voting in elections. Ranked-choice voting would reduce polarization, discourage negative campaigning, provide more choices (no more having to vote for the “lesser of two evils”) and ensure that elected officials have the broadest possible base of support from the electorate.

It is used statewide in Maine, in more than 10 U.S. cities, and by five states for overseas and military ballots. Robert’s Rules of Order recommends it for elections with more than two candidates.

I support the Local Options Bill allowing Washingtonians to try this proven but potentially transformative approach to improving our elections and politics.

Robert Z. Poore, Seattle