Re: “Women of color are changing the dialogue in WA’s Legislature” [April 19, Opinion]:

State Sens. Manka Dhingra and Rebecca Saldaña are absolutely right, “Good governance starts with access to democracy.”

Here at the Washington Bus, we work hard to make it easier for young people to register and vote, and also make our electoral and legislative system more representative. We must continue amplifying the voices of voters and level the playing field through policy changes so that those historically disenfranchised have the opportunity to be elected, for fair representation. Changing how we elect candidates furthers the strides made for a more inclusive democracy.

One way we’re working on doing so is by bringing ranked-choice voting (RCV) and proportional representation to Washington. We want people to vote for who they think is the best person who will represent them best. But far too many voters feel obligated to vote strategically for who they think will win instead. This harms communities of color and candidates of color, who step up to represent their community, especially in a state like Washington. By bringing RCV and proportional representation to Washington voters, we bring better representation to our democracy.

Jazmine Smith, political manager, The Washington Bus, Seattle