Re: “The death of the moderate in WA politics” [May 14, Local News]:

I can relate to Danny Westneat’s column highlighting the demise of the moderate in Washington politics. As a moderate independent voter, I am frequently wishing for different choices on the general election ballot. I believe our current top-two primary system is the root of the problem because it allows candidates to win the primary with only a small plurality (e.g. less than 20% for Loren Culp in 2020). This favors candidates who appeal to the less-moderate elements of both parties and hurts candidates who take more-moderate positions that might appeal across party lines.

Ranked-choice voting (RCV) solves this problem by requiring winners have a broad base of support, providing more choices on the general-election ballot and allowing voters to vote for candidates they really like rather than candidates they support only because they consider the other option untenable.

RCV ensures elected officials truly reflect the communities they serve and is an antidote for our current political malaise.

Robert Poore, Seattle