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In response to the state Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s suggestion to raise the smoking age to 21, I simply have a single question: Have you absolutely lost it?

With all due respect, we don’t stop those under 18 from smoking now. Why add another (unenforceable) law that would not curb smoking in those that are required to register for the draft and are allowed to vote?

Clearly, smoking can have extremely detrimental effects on a person’s health. I personally choose not to smoke. That being said, how well is the “25-foot rule” working? How successful are we at keeping cigarettes from those under 18 currently? Why pass another law that won’t work and that makes otherwise law-abiding, legal adult citizens into criminals?

The real crime is that the state is addicted to tobacco tax. Period. If the state really cared about smoking and its effects on health, it would ban tobacco sales completely, something I do not support.

The health risks for long-term smokers are well known. If a person who can legally be drafted to protect this nation chooses to smoke, who is Bob Ferguson to challenge that decision?