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The treatment of Byron Ragland while at the Menchie’s yogurt shop in Kirkland shocked me.

Until a year ago, I lived most of my life in Kirkland, attended Lake Washington High School and lived a mile from Menchie’s. Google, with one of the most diverse work forces on the Eastside, is right next door to Menchie’s.

I watched Kirkland grow and took pride in my hometown and my neighborhood, with its ethnically diverse residents.

Surely racial bias couldn’t exist in Kirkland, could it? It’s such a nice place. Not possible. Not in my former hometown.

Then I remembered. In 2008, when Barack Obama ran for president, I put up campaign signs for him. The signs were torn down at night. I kept replacing them; vandals kept destroying them. Other campaign signs on the same corner were never touched. Just my Obama signs. Scary, since it happened a block from my house.

It’s good to see the Kirkland city manager and the police chief trying to make amends. But if such things can happen in Kirkland, then they can happen anywhere. It’s up to all of us to see that they don’t.

Carol Lake, Federal Way