Re: “New critical race theory laws have teachers scared, confused and self-censoring” [Feb. 14, Education]:

Imagine what might happen if those offended by critical race theory have their way? U.S. history classes could result in the following scenario:

Don’t teach about the massacres of Native Americans. Ignore more than 400 years of African slavery. Redact the Chinese Exclusion Act. Never teach about the Japanese incarceration camps, or the Holocaust and immigration quotas of Jewish people after World War II. Don’t even mention the travel (Muslim) ban and removing Latinx babies from their moms at the Southern Border.

Then, what might the new U.S. history textbooks for 2022 and beyond contain? They would probably be quite thin and replete with cherry-picked events. So, the question arises: Do patriotic Americans really want to trash the First Amendment and whitewash U.S. history?

Nancy Street, Cheney