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In Mayor Jenny Durkan’s 2019 State of the City speech, she said the cost of housing is a top issue, and we need more affordable housing.

I am concerned that our City Council and mayor will pat themselves on the back after an upcoming vote on the Fort Lawton low-income housing project, which in part will allow 52 row houses and town homes to be built by Habitat Humanity and sold.

I believe my city should look at the big picture. I propose using half the site proposed for 52 homes to be used for homeless families (part of the Fort Lawton site is planned for formerly homeless seniors and for low-income rentals). The other half would be used for counseling/medical services for the homeless.

Gov. Jay Inslee has already proposed locating state facilities in local areas to serve the mentally disabled, etc. Seattle should investigate and partner. These two ideas versus 52 housing units for sale would serve many for years to come. I call this wise stewardship of public property.

Thousands of people helped versus 52 new homeowners. Which way will your council members vote?

Dave Wilkinson, Seattle