Re: “King County Councilmember Kathy Lambert stripped of committee chairmanships after offensive mailer” [Oct. 12, Local News]:

Metropolitan King County Councilmember Kathy Lambert’s racist political attack ad brought back a painful family memory.

When I was in law school in the 1960s, my uncle Jim Kimbrough won the primary vote for Seattle City Council. His campaign centered on fairness in housing for all by passing legislation to eliminate racial and ethnic restrictions (for Black and Jewish people, etc.) in housing. Uncle Jim was a member of the greatest generation, having fought in the Army retaking the Philippines from Japan. He and his division were to be the first elements to invade mainland Japan, where he likely would have died.

His opponent was a Republican. The real estate industry put out an attack ad claiming in substance that Uncle Jim was a communist and would destroy neighborhood protections. He lost by about 1,500 votes. The legislation he proposed was passed by the state Legislature 10 years later. The Lambert racist attack piece is reminiscent of the Ronald Reagan Reagan, George H.W. Bush (Lee Atwater strategy) and Richard Nixon campaigns.

Those who promote racist attack ads should never be in public office.

Charles Kimbrough, J.D., United States Army Col. (retired), Bellevue