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Yet again, the financing of a proposition (Proposition No. 1) comes from property taxes.

Do the political leaders of our city, our county and our state just not understand that using regressive property taxes, sales taxes, and business and occupation taxes is not sustainable? People are selling their homes in Seattle because they cannot afford the property taxes. Yet, once again, with the city’s education levy the funding source is property taxes.

More specifically, it means that our political leaders are not doing the responsible action of turning over our state’s Supreme Court 1933 ruling that income taxes are illegal in this state. News flash: Times have changed in the last 85 years, in particular the last 20 years. By definition, regressive taxation will blow up in the future.

For the needs of our city, county and state for the next 100 years, the primary method to fund projects is through income taxes, along with fair property, B&O and sales taxes.

Bill Pharr, Seattle