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Re: “Seattle’s growth battles demand a new approach”:

I am floored that the editorial board could look at today’s average costs in Seattle for any type of housing and think these prices are consistent with preserving our community’s values.

As an Upper Queen Anne homeowner, I reject the characterization that zoning for more supply and variety of housing through Mandatory Housing Affordability and accessory-residence proposals need be divisive. Disagreement by a vocal minority — the very groups the editorial board proposes to reward — has made it such. The city’s proposals are consistent with my progressive values and respond to the housing emergency with gusto. I couldn’t care less which mayor or council member are champions.

Our area will and should welcome newcomers, and will surely be a home for climate refugees. But even an ostrich would see a plateauing of exorbitant housing costs as a shameful target that hurts our current neighbors.

Better zoning gives my kids a choice to settle close to employment and raise a family without intergenerational privilege. Capacity for studio apartments won’t help families, nor will forcing suburban commutes or gentrification.

Justin Allegro, Seattle