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There are so many families in the United States living in poverty and struggling to just put a warm meal on the table for themselves and their children as a result of a systemic cycle rooted in discrimination. Some of these families live on just $2 a day. And yet, there are so many people who are OK with this and are up in arms at any mention of privilege and at suggestions of redistribution of wealth. They cry out, “I’m not privileged! I worked hard to earn my money and to be where I am! Other people are just lazy.”

I wish they would realize that just because we want to acknowledge that some people face disadvantages in life doesn’t mean that we are disregarding the hard work that they did to earn their wealth.

But when you really think about it … did the successful business owner who was able to fund his company from a large inheritance really work that hard, and is the poor, single mother working two jobs while caring for her two children truly lazy?

Jessica Fuqua, Renton

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