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Four pieces appeared in the Jan. 6 Seattle Times that referenced human-caused degradation of planet Earth.

Opinion columnist David Leonhardt talked about extreme weather that puts the terrifying realities of climate change right in front of us. Business columnist Jon Talton stated that climate change will be the biggest story in 2019 and every year after that. Local columnist Danny Westneat pointed out that Puget Sound orcas are starving to death largely due to overfishing of chinook salmon. And the editorial urged, “The nation needs Inslee’s green message.”

There are steps we can take as individuals: drive less, fly less, avoid plastics, eat less beef and endangered fish, downsize or reuse rather than buy new stuff. But we also need directives from our leaders as a way to come together to save the planet. House of Representatives Bill 7173 is a bipartisan federal bill that would tax carbon and return the money to all Americans in equal amounts. The Democrats’ Green New Deal is another approach.

It’s time to put pressure on politicians to pass sensible legislation and urgent that we change our current consumptive habits.

Mary K. Stevens, Seattle