Re: “Democratic debates: No place for bullying” [Feb. 21, Northwest Voices]:

I had exactly the opposite reaction to the Nevada Democratic debate. I thought it was the best of the debate series.

Debates aren’t about being polite and nice. They are about candidates distinguishing themselves from one another. They are about seeing who can weather criticism and who cannot. They are about learning who can think on their feet.

Speaking to a candidate’s flaws is not bullying or lying. It is about uncovering their strengths and weaknesses before someone is nominated.

Michael Bloomberg failed the test, and it was important for voters to witness that. The questions put to him weren’t cruel, they were fact-based. His responses were shockingly weak.

I am grateful I learned that now before we nominate someone who could not handle the valid questions of his opponents, let alone what President Donald Trump will hurl at him.

Beverly Marcus, Kirkland