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Having witnessed the latest controversy regarding CNN and President Donald Trump, I found myself partially amused yet partially frightened by the actions taken by the news corporation. I am not out to defend the character of our president or the Reddit user who originally posted the video of Trump wrestling a man covered by the CNN logo.

The video is obviously a joke, and to warp a video of the president wrestling on a notoriously fake show against a corporate logo into a supposed threat of violence against journalists is blatantly dishonest. Is it OK for Trump to be tweeting this? Maybe not. But at least in this example, CNN seems to be more out of line than our commander in chief.

The Reddit user conveniently apologized one day after CNN attempted to contact him. This, paired with CNN’s ominous statement that it “reserves the right to publish his identity,” creates a disturbing picture. It tarnishes its own reputation by making such threats, which cross lines morally and legally.

Jason Sasser, Maple Valley

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