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President Donald Trump’s recent trip to the National Museum of African American History and Culture seemed to be the perfect opportunity to talk to the American people about his thoughts on racism [“Trump labels increase in acts of anti-Semitism ‘horrible,’ ‘evil,’ ” Feb. 22, A4 ]. Instead, it turned out to be nothing more than a photo op with very little specifics and little understanding of how to address the problem.

Furthermore, to enlighten the president about anti-Semitism, I would suggest that the president make a visit to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Maybe next time, on Holocaust Remembrance Day, the president would not forget to mention Jews and others who perished.

And while he is at it, the National Museum of the American Indian might give the president some pause regarding the Standing Rock pipeline protest.

All these museums seek to understand American history through the lens of the people they represent and, President Trump, they are all free.

Marsha Conn, Seattle