As a health and physical education teacher at a local middle school, I understand that lowering out-of-pocket prescription drug costs is an important issue we must solve. It is complex and difficult. How do we balance making drugs affordable to the kids and their families I teach while not harming the innovation of new life-changing and lifesaving medicines? Unfortunately, I am afraid some policies before Congress will do more harm than good.

For example, according to a partial Congressional Budget Office score, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s billH.R. 3 would lead to at least 8 to 15 fewer new drugs coming to market. Negatively impacting the development of new medicines would have significant consequences for vulnerable patient groups, including kids and seniors. In addition, new drugs for some of the most difficult to treat conditions would be disproportionately impacted, including rare diseases, oncology and neurology.

Rather than imposing artificial price controls like H.R. 3, our Congressional delegation should address the perverse incentives in the insurance system, increase competition and lower out-of-pocket costs for patients. Please oppose legislation that leads to less research and development for new drugs and anything that will limit access to new medicines.

Lenae Wainscott, Maple Valley