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I was heartened to read of Amazon’s decision to offer temporary refuge for 200 homeless families in one of its vacant buildings [“Amazon building to shelter homeless,” Page One, April 14]. This collaborative effort with Mary’s Place is a giant step in addressing the crisis this prosperous city faces in accommodating the growing number of people without shelter. Hopefully Amazon’s example will inspire other corporations and businesses to follow suit.

The fact that 4,500 people (including women and children) sleep on our streets in this prosperous city is unconscionable, and Mayor Ed Murray is to be congratulated for declaring a state of emergency to address this crisis. A state of emergency means that we all need to pay attention to this issue.

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Perhaps Amazon employees could tutor the children at Mary’s Place, serve as mentors to the unemployed parents or simply listen to the stories of how these women became homeless in the first place. In the process, they may ultimately build community.

I’d welcome ideas from Seattle Times readers as to what efforts they will make to end this crisis and make Seattle a home for all who live here — not just those who are beneficiaries of the economic boom.

Helen Donnelly Goehring, Seattle