Re: “In French fry heartland, spring turns bitter as coronavirus cuts into global demand” [May 1, Northwest]:

This made me pause, cringe and empathize with the farmer, Mike Pink. Pink was going to plow millions of pounds of potatoes under, basically making them garbage, because there are no buyers. His usual buyers are french-fry processors. Pink was also out of storage capacity for the crop.

With so many people going hungry, could the crop be donated to Washington food banks such as Food Lifeline or Northwest Harvest? I know as a past volunteer at Food Lifeline, storage is an issue. However, perhaps there’s some latent capacity in warehouses throughout the Seattle area, especially with businesses closed, to accept some truckloads on a temporary basis.

With the stay-at-home orders extended and restaurants closed, people continue to cook more, using potatoes as staples. Would our National Guard, already deployed to the Seattle area, be able to help with the logistics of transportation from the farm to the warehouse space and food banks?

Margaret Bradley, Seattle