Re: “Democrats, don’t make Trumpism and socialism the only choices” [Aug. 27, Opinion]:

Christopher Vance, having failed to reform his party and having failed in a bid to launch a third party, has advice for the only other party he hasn’t managed to bumble.

If Vance’s view that moderation is critical to electoral success were correct, he would be riding a wave of popularity to enact his vision. In fact, again and again the exact opposite has proved to be the case.

Vance’s fellow patriots in the Democratic Party are tired of lectures about responsibility and “socialism.” We are engaged and have been successfully winning fights up and down the ballot throughout the country, while Vance vaguely tut-tuts.

Please excuse my indifference to a critic, even if well-meaning, worrying that his opponents may go too far. Get on board or get out of the way, because the train has left the station and none of us can hear the plaintive cries of country-club Republicans upset at what they have wrought.

If a choice between slightly more progressive taxation, preserving environmental protections and expanding access to health care (you know, “socialism”), or supporting the present administration’s reelection is a difficult one for Vance, that says more about him than the rest of us.

KC Shankland, Maple Valley, chair, 5th Legislative District Democrats