Re: “How the GOP became the party of the persecution complex” [July 4, Northwest]:

Danny Westneat’s column neatly articulates the emotion driving our current political divide — it’s the status threat. Social change is happening “too fast” and some can’t — or mostly don’t want to — keep up. These Americans refuse to keep up because their status is threatened by change — “change” meaning required, genuine respect for nonwhite, non-gender binary, city workers, women, immigrants, etc.

White baby boomers no longer get a pass to an easy life just for being white. Interesting coincidence that the story facing the column’s jump [“Fired by bot at Amazon: ‘It’s you against the machine,’ ” Business] features a dismayed, white 63-year-old man.

Westneat hit the nail on the head. Liberals have spent so much time over the past five years (40 years?) scratching our heads about what’s going on with conservatives. The column is an excellent, concise summary of the exact root cause of their distress.

Isabel D’Ambrosia, Seattle