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Thank you for sharing former Gov. Dan Evans’ thoughts on the nature of our political conversation [“The world of digital diatribe: What happened to rational discussion?” Opinion, May 22].

Gov. Evans left a legacy in Washington as one of our finest governors. If I didn’t think it was a de facto vote for Donald Trump, I would be writing in Gov. Dan Evans for president this fall.

Like Evans, I believe that the devolution of our national conversation is due in big measure to media (all types, including social media) where the objective is not the truth but rather the sensational and outrageous, drawing notoriety to the purveyor of the story, the feigned outrage or the advertisement to buy something that is just a click away.

Free speech in America has always been one of the hallmarks of our democracy. But just because the electronic age makes it easy for anyone to say whatever they want, anonymously or not, and broadcast it to the world through the various veins of the Internet, doesn’t mean we discard the truth.

In fact, it should make the truth that much more precious and relevant. Why does the media give Donald Trump a pass on the truth? I hope, by this fall, voters won’t.

Mark Quinn, Olympia