Re: “Liberals, your Mitt love is insincere” [Feb. 9, Opinion]:

As a generally liberal voter, I take issue with Op-Ed writer Scott Jennings denouncing me and others with similar political leanings supporting Sen. Mitt Romney’s vote on the impeachment.

I support Romney for voting his conscience and not doing what’s best for his political career or his ability to hold onto power, but rather what’s best for this country and its citizens. It is increasingly hard for me to believe that the majority of Republican senators believe that this country is going in the right direction, but it is easier for me to believe that they value their office and everything that comes with it over what’s ultimately best for the American people.

If Jennings wants to talk about people getting on the bandwagon of someone they previously abhorred, he need look no further than the majority of Republican senators pre-2016. Get real.

Mark Monrean, Bainbridge Island