Re: “Meet Tacoma’s new giant Pacific octopus — and help name her” [Aug. 18, Local]: I’ve had a soft spot for the Point Defiance Zoo since 2002 when it provided a home for two malnourished and miserable polar bears who were rescued from a Mexican circus. Kenneth and Boris had suffered horribly but then thrived at the zoo for 10 and 18 years, respectively. What a life-changing opportunity the zoo provided for those two bears.

So I was sickened to read that Point Defiance Zoo snatched its new octopus from Puget Sound waters and I suspect that anyone who viewed the immensely popular documentary, “My Octopus Teacher,” will be equally disgusted. In the ocean, octopuses lead amazingly rich and complex lives that can never be remotely duplicated by an aquarium tank. They are highly intelligent animals who are surely aware that, in captivity, they are denied everything that is natural to them.

For a zoo to tear an animal out of the wild for display to the public is intrusive, arrogant and cruel. The octopus doesn’t need a new name, she needs to be returned to her rightful home as soon as possible.

Lisa Wathne, Lake Forest Park