With respect, Joe Biden, please accept retirement with grace. You are the wrong gender, wrong age, and have the wrong history to be our president in these turbulent times [“Biden launches 2020 bid,” seattletimes.com, April 25].

Your presence also changes the nature of the presidential campaign from a positive one built on hope for new directions into a head-to-head contest between two old, white men.

President Donald Trump is a master at misdirection and telling lies.  The winning Democratic candidate has to rise above that and not allow him/herself to engage in the playground battles Trump is so adept at creating.

Let the Republicans cling to old ideas and old ways of looking at the world. Let them tell themselves they are still relevant. Fortunately for the country, there is an entire generation of young, resourceful Democrats who have a chance to return this country to the ideals of the rule of law, to honor the Constitution and to reinstate the social norms of common decency and respect for our fellow beings.

Please, Mr. Biden, accept our collective gratitude for your life of service. Enjoy your years of retirement in good health. Why risk the shame of knowing you contributed to the reelection of Donald J. Trump?

Rylla R. Goldberg, Tacoma