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It’s time to actively enforce Washington’s 30-day limit on keeping out-of-state plates.  On my daily commutes, I see many vehicles with out-of-state plates.  I might assume these are visitors for pleasure or business.  But in my apartment building alone, there are at least seven vehicles that have had out-of-state plates for three years.  In addition, the exceptions to this rule are very limited.  There’s online reporting in place, but I know from experience this leads to nothing.

Money from plate registration goes to pay for road-repair projects.  All drivers contribute to road damage, but only those who have followed the law are contributing to their upkeep.

The Department of Licensing says it hasn’t authority to enforce the 30-day rule, that it is up to law enforcement.  Law enforcement says that in practice they only passively enforce it. Yet those of us who do have Washington plates are immediately fined should we be late for our renewals.

This is unfair.  It’s high time the state aggressively pursue these violators.


Keyth Sokol, Seattle