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Sen. Patty Murray’s guest column “We can’t afford another shutdown” [Opinion, Sept. 19] castigates members of Congress for proposing to defund Planned Parenthood. She argues that this action would be detrimental to women’s’ health and would lead to a government shutdown. What she does not address is why defunding is so important.

Recent revelations have made it clear that Planned Parenthood regularly sells aborted babies’ body parts to interested purchasers. Employees of Planned Parenthood openly discuss why intact body parts are most valuable. Clearly, Planned Parenthood has engaged in vile acts that should not be supported by taxpayer funding. Any society that supports such depravity is in danger of losing all moral standing and any senator that argues otherwise is in similar danger.

Any government shutdown will occur only because the president and his supporters insist that taxpayer dollars support Planned Parenthood. Defunding would not eliminate needed services. There are more than 13,500 health-care clinics in the U.S. offering women’s health care at little or no out-of-pocket cost. Taxpayer funding for women’s health should be diverted to those clinics from Planned Parenthood’s locations.

James Gallagher, Mercer Island