Why the current interest in traffic on Pike Place? Do folks really believe that taking cars off Pike Place will save the planet or make the street (where pedestrians already have the right of way) safer? Why try to fix what is arguably the safest, most vibrant neighborhood in Seattle?

The solutions offered are one-size-fits-all, ignoring the fact that the Market on Tuesday in February (little traffic, free street parking often available) is different from the Market on Saturday in August (bumper-to-bumper cars, no available street parking).

If a unilateral decision regarding traffic causes economic harm to the Market itself or its small businesses, who will step in to make the Market or its businesses whole? The city of Seattle? Seattle Neighborhood Greenways? The individuals pushing for change?

Only the Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority (PDA), the management organization responsible for the Market’s economic health, is in the position to make decisions about traffic on a day-to-day (or hour-by-hour) basis, monitoring any change for its impact on Market businesses and making immediate adjustments accordingly.

Any desire for changes to cars on Pike Place would best be addressed to the PDA.

Christine Vaughan, Renton (32 years as craftsperson, Pike Place Market)