Watching the Democratic debates, I have been amazed how all of the candidates miss a very important point when debating about the millionaires versus the poor.

I am not rich. I am retired, and I live on Social Security, plus two IRAs. I agree that President Donald Trump made a large mistake when changing the tax code to enrich the wealthy and corporations.

However, I think all the candidates forget that America was built on the generosity of the rich. In Seattle, alone, we have great examples of Paul Allen; of Bill Gates and his efforts to help those in need all over the world; and of the philanthropic society that Mike Bloomberg has set up that for years has helped so many organizations. We even have those developing space ships, and so much more.

Americans would not have the benefits we have if the rich had not generously donated so much of their wealth and knowledge to the betterment of this country. Let’s change the tax code to be more equal between the average person, the rich person, and the corporations who pay no taxes, without making all of us poor.

Nadine Scott, Lake Stevens