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An all-too-common tragedy happened in Belltown recently [“Woman struck, killed crossing Belltown street”].

Adriana Brown, mother of two young children, was killed walking in a crosswalk while a vehicle was making a left turn.

Left turns are three times more likely to kill pedestrians than right ones, according to data collected by New York City’s transportation planners.

What’s one way to reduce this danger? Rethink the left turn in the first place.

UPS designs its routes to avoid left turns as much as possible, which saves time and fuel too. In New York, city council members are asking Google Maps to plot routes to reduce left turns.

If you have to make that left turn, look at the crosswalk. Every intersection is a legal crosswalk, whether there are pavement markings or not. Especially in downtown Seattle, drivers should expect to see pedestrians at all times and stop accordingly.

If you are a pedestrian, don’t trust drivers. After several near misses while walking downtown, I sure don’t.

Todd Madere, Shoreline